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A free CIC challenge

20 mins x 4 days to design the perfect CIC

Apply for a £500 start up grant


Boot camp starts 24th June at 7pm
Presented by Kexx

With eleven years of experience running my own CIC and gaining over quarter of a million in grant funding, I started the CIC Tribe and has mentored over 800 CIC's over the last 18 months. Helping them gain over 17 million in grant funding. 

My flag ship programme how to set up a CIC and get funded in 4 months has launched over 350 CIC's. Pretty much all of which have gained grants, some in just 6 weeks and some gaining over £50k in under a year!! 

Would you like to be my next success story? Join the CIC challenge and find our how to turn your passion into impact & income. 

What will this CIC Challenge  cover


I want to join the Free CIC challenge starting June 24th at 7pm Sign me up!

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