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Terms and conditions

 Kexx Ltd (CIC Tribe) Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer of Liability for Grant Funding

1. No Guarantee of Grant Funding:
   - Kexx Ltd, trading as CIC Tribe, provides a range of services to support your grant funding applications. However, we do not guarantee that your grant funding applications will be accepted. This disclaimer is clearly stated across all our platforms and at the point of purchase.

2. Client Responsibilities:
   - The following tasks are the responsibility of the client and not of Kexx Ltd:
     - Conducting community consultations.
     - Growing and maintaining a community to work with.
     - Building and maintaining local partnerships to support your projects.
     - Ensuring the quality and visibility of your social media presence and website.
   - These elements are crucial for successful grant funding and if a grant is rejected due to shortcomings in these areas, Kexx Ltd is not liable.

3. Competitive Nature of Grant Funding:
   - Clients must understand that grant funding is a competitive process. Applications are reviewed against many others, and not all can be funded. Our success rate is excellent, but it is not 100%.

4. Resubmission of Grants:
   - Kexx Ltd is not responsible for resubmitting grants. However, clients can utilise our guidance services to assist with resubmissions. We recommend resubmitting as some funders may reject multiple times before accepting an application.

 Project Management and Financial Responsibility

5. Client’s Project and Financial Management:
   - Kexx Ltd is not responsible or liable for how clients manage their projects, payments, evaluation or finances. We are not accountants and strongly suggest consulting a professional accountant for financial matters.

6. No Refund Policy:
   - No refunds will be given if there are rejections from Companies House for the CIC submission or if grant applications are rejected.

 Code of Conduct

7. Zero Tolerance Policy for Abusive or Harassing Behaviour:
   - We have a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive or harassing behaviour. Clients will be warned once, and if the behaviour continues, they will be blocked from our website. This means they will no longer have access to any purchased packages, and no refund will be given.
   - Additionally, clients exhibiting such behavior will be blocked from all social media platforms related to Kexx Ltd.

By using the services provided by Kexx Ltd (CIC Tribe), clients acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

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