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Online course

Set up your CIC and get funded in 4 months!


Set up options

I have created two options to help you set up your CIC;

Option 1: CIC set up & 1st grant package done for you. Which with package we will have a zoom call to go over the documents and your project plans. I will filling and send all of your registration documents  and writ you grant application for National Lottery Community Fund £20k. Plus access to the below course as well.

Price £499

Option 2: Online course. Learn all you need to know and use my documents templates and example applications forms. This short course will guide you though in short videos. 

Price £99

How to set up a Community Interest Company and get funding in 4 months!

Online course overview

This course contains;

2 hours of short videos,

A grow your CIC workbook

CIC registration documents pack

Useful templates for managing your CIC

Example successful funding applications



This is the most comprehensive online resource for anyone interested in starting a cic.

Opening and managing a cic is a huge undertaking but it can also be a great opportunity to have an impact on your chosen course, give you the scope to follow your passion and build a career for yourself doing impactful work you love while getting paid a great salary.

This course goes though all the steps in opening a CIC. It gives you all the tools and templates of the necessary documents you will need. Saving you loads of time and costs paying experts to help you.

You can be open in as little as 24hrs from finishing this course and starting work on the steps we give you.

Managing a CIC has pitfalls and if you don’t know what you are doing you could have costly mistakes such as submitting your taxes wrong and getting fined by HMRC or Companies house. This course fully prepares you so that doesn’t happen.

Gaining funding can be overwhelming but this course gives you templates and tips for all the main funding providers such as the national lottery and arts council funding application processes. This could make you tens of thousands in just a couple of months!

Writing and presented by an expert and cic director for ten years. Kelly Thorne (Artist Kexx) has also mentored others and helped many people set up and gain funding in a short time.

This course is invaluable so what are you waiting for!

What you’ll learn

  • Why choose a cic

  • What are the legal duties of a CIC

  • How to come up with a great idea for a community interest company

  • How to choose the right directors for your board and manage them

  • What are the directors responsible for

  • How to write a memorandum of association and articles of association

  • How to open a cic on companies house

  • How to open a suitable bank account for your cic

  • What is webfiling and what do you have to do

  • How to present your cic online on social and or a website

  • How to budget and pay your team

  • How to do a funding search and come up with funding ideas

  • How to apply for funding tips to write a successful bid

  • How to project manage your funded project

  • How to record data and evidence from finished projects

  • How to do your cic’s taxes

  • How to grow your cic and become sustainable

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No skills needed

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that is thinking of starting a community project and applying for funding.

Customer Reviews


"I felt very fortunate to come across Kelly's CIC course because the course explains everything you need to setup your CIC in clear detail for each important section with essential templates to get you started. It's like she is holding your hand though-out the process.

By the time I followed and implemented everything in Kelly's course not only was my CIC approved and registered on Companies House successfully with no rejections, my CIC business account was opened with in a month and ready for funding. It you are looking to get your CIC set up within a short amount of time, Kelly's course is for you."

Natalie Founder of The Nerve of my MS

DSCF3586 2.jpg

Kexx helped us set up our CIC for our peer to peer studio and gain £10,000 Awards for all grant. I would never have though this was possible.

Jake Founder of Hungry Sounds CIC


Kelly convinced me to quite my job as a NHS manager and set up a CIC for my photography/heritage projects. For the last three years now, I have been able to use Arts Council funding to fund 80% of my income to establish myself as an artist and set up a CIC. While living for the winter months in Jamaica gaining inspiration and working on my projects and half in Birmingham putting on exhibitions, doing research and developing my art. This is absolutely the way to live!

Tracey Ghost Streets CIC


"Full amount accepted from the Lottery grant fund. Thank you for the online course !" Our sports inclusion project, will be used as a catalyst to breakdown barriers and raise awareness in areas such a knife crime, county lines drugs & anti social behaviour.

Develop Thru Sport CIC

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