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Kexx Ltd (CIC Tribe) Complaints Procedure

Providing Feedback

1. Feedback Encouragement
   - We welcome all feedback as it helps us improve our services. Please share your feedback on our reviews page:


 Submitting Complaints and Refund Requests

2. Complaints and Refund Requests:
   - Customers should email any complaints or refund requests to
   - Before requesting a refund, please read our Terms and Conditions policy carefully.
   - All emails will be reviewed by our legal team and replied to within 2 weeks.

 Handling Negative Comments

3. Public Negative Comments:
   - Any negative comments posted publicly online will be deleted and if they are repeatedly posted will treated as harassment.
   - Such behaviour will result in the customer being blocked from all Kexx Ltd platforms.
   - We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. Please use the appropriate legal channels to resolve issues. Harassment could be reported to the police or where appropriate a offenders local mental health team. Potentially the CIC regulator could also be contacted to report a CIC director who is harassing or is considered a danger or risk to others.


Refund Request Procedure

4. Formal Refund Request:
   - If you are not satisfied and wish to request a refund, please follow these steps:
     - Write a formal letter requesting the refund.
     - Provide detailed evidence of why you believe you are entitled to a refund, considering our Terms and Conditions.
     - Post this letter to our business address:  
       Kexx Ltd  
       1 Chapel Terrace,  
       TR13 9HS

5. Response Time:
   - We will respond to formal refund requests in writing within 28 days.

6. Resolution Process:
   - If both parties cannot reach a resolution through correspondence, we will suggest an online Zoom meeting to discuss and attempt to resolve the issue. 


 Escalating to Small Claims Court

7. Small Claims Court:
   - If the resolution process is exhausted and the customer is still not satisfied, they may choose to take the matter to small claims court.
   - Customers must provide evidence to the court that they have followed the above steps, or the case may be dismissed.
   - Customers must also provide evidence of why they believe they should receive a refund, considering the Terms and Conditions.

8. Counterclaims:
   - Any claims against Kexx Ltd will result in a counterclaim for costs, including:
     - Travel expenses from Cornwall to the local court for two staff (likely flights and taxi's).
     - 4-star accommodation for 2 nights for two staff.
     - Food expenses for two staff.
     - Administration time at £200 per letter.
     - £2000 per court appearance.
   - The claimant could be liable for these costs if they lose the case.

By following this procedure, we aim to ensure all complaints are handled fairly and efficiently. Thank you for your cooperation.

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