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The power of personal branding in your CIC & LTD

In a fast paced world of scams and AI bots, it is relatable people and personal stories that create trust and boost engagement and sales. 

This is true even for a CIC. Although a CIC is a community benefiting company and should not be focused around the founding director. It is still hugely beneficial for the founding director to tell their story of why they started the CIC. Adding the stories of the other staff volunteers and the benefiting people in the community the CIC serves. 

There is nothing more off putting than a CIC that is faced with a logo and just text on a website. Faces and voices are key to making your CIC relatable. 

Imagine you are assessing a ton of grant applications. You read the applications and you go check their socials. Who are you going to approve, the CIC with tons of photos and videos of communities coming together, voices giving rave reviews of the difference the CIC has made to them. Or the CIC with no social media or just a few old pics on. 

More and more grant funders are asking for videos. This is because they want to see and hear from the people involved. 

I always tell the CIC's I mentor to make a montage edit of a bunch of videos from workshops and do a voice over. Then add a couple clips of interviews from participants. An easy three minute video that goes a long way to gaining you that funding. 

I know this isn’t for everyone but talking in short reels is a great easy way to put yourself and your ongoing story out there. Those little videos in the car just expressing your thoughts or giving an update are great. 

For me, my YouTube channel changed my life. I have launched and sustained a successful growing social enterprise from giving CIC tips. I lived it and I shared it. That is why I am relatable. 

Another tip I bang on about is to hire a professional photographer. For your first taster workshop or event. This gets your website and social media launched with great pictures. Then you should hire a photographer and videographer for every project you do. This gives you great images for evaluation evidence, social media and your portfolio. 

Add it to your budgets everytime or get a local college to give you some student volunteers. 

Try to take photos and videos that show your hunan side. Again relatable means that behind the scenes vibe not the corporate look. 

Take a look at this shoot I just did with me and my partner for our new Oberi Art LTD. We will be selling art packs to community projects and also making and selling our own art. I wanted to create images that help tell the story of Nick and myself creating our dream careers. Quitting our jobs and becoming artists and working together from home. 

What is powerful with lifestyle images is when people can see you are living what you preach. That can never work in an office. I have styled areas in my home that are designed for public view. That maintain my families privacy while creating great home vibes.

Whilst this type of shot is more of a LTD business shot rather than CIC. Still consider how you can be photographed looking relaxed and relatable in the community. 

I will leave you with my final summary of tips to boost your CIC and LTD branding:

  • Hire photographers regularly

  • Use video to capture voices from the community 

  • Use reviews on your social media. They can be anonymous and faceless if necessary. 

  • Tell the founders story

  • Show growth. How the story has grown and evolved. What's the impact? How has it grown from an idea? 

  • Take on student volunteers if you can't afford to hire

  • Learn basic social media and editing skills yourself. Canva is great. 

  • Talk on social reel videos regularly if you can.

  • Don't worry about how you look. Being relatable means not perfect. 

I look forward to seeing your social grow 🫶🏼 Kexx

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Very useful and informative. Thanks Kelly!x

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