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January Tuesday 16th 7pm

Grow your CIC income. Be sustainable with minimal grants.

Training webinar with Kexx


This is essential training for all CIC's looking to grow their income streams, so they are not over reliant on grant funding. This training will help your CIC with fundraising, getting contracts, commissioned work, affiliate marketing and selling products and services.

This training is a 2 hour live zoom with video and down load resource pack that will give you all the information and skills training you need and the tools to use after the training. 


I have made sure this is suitable for a range of learning styles and abilities. 


The training will be available after the event on this website under a pass code you will revieve. 

CIC tribe members get a 50% discount.

RSVP in the CIC tribe APP Events and pay just £100.


Full price for this training is £199



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