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Community activities tips and ideas

Your CIC will be focused on benefitting the community and your projects will need to run some kind of activity that brings your community together.

Over the years I have run loads of different projects. Here are some of my most successful and enjoyable ideas for a community activity.

  1. A community walk. I once ran a very enjoyable project where I took groups of people out on a photography walk around historic and nature sites in my community. I did about 7 walks for a £10k awards for all grant. The photos from the walk were then showcased in a gallery exhibition in our local library. The walk was free and I used paid ads on Facebook with ticks on Eventbrite.

2. Workshop. I run workshops all the time with my projects. With children or adults. It's easy enough and very rewarding. I mainly run art workshops and do creative activities.

3. Training activity. I have run training sessions and work experience placements in media or creative skills. This is a impactful activity that can be an incredible free opportunity for disadvantaged people to gain skills to boost employability or life skills.

4. An event. Over the years I have ran many events from talks, trade shows and music performances. Hiring inspiration speakers or performers can help bring in good numbers to your events. They can really boost your CIC's Reputation and get known. They can be stressful to arrange but also great fun. This photo is of inspiration speaker Akala and my CIC's young people. This talk had a massive impact on everyone and was well worth doing.

5. My last tip is my most common activity. An exhibition. I usually run do an exhibition with my art projects to show case the artwork with the community. These are a great way to engage the public. They are a lot of work but again they are popular and rewarding. Nothing better than seeing your projects work all nicely displayed. Funders like exhibitions as they engage wider audiences.

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