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Funding application rejections

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Nothing worst than getting that email telling you your application has been rejected.

Do not be disheartened it's totally standard.

Good thing is you can apply again and they give you good feedback.

I find in times of high demand I get more rejections.

My tips are;

-Check their criteria and make sure you match it.

-Look at what there priorities are. Post COVID these have changed and funders like the lottery are looking for certain priorities.

-Make sure you don't have competition in your area. Be unique. They won't fund several of the same type of CIC's doing the same thing in your area.

-Make sure it's not somthing the local authority is responsible for. For example, funders won't like you going into school to run something. They see it that if the school can do it they shouldn't fund it.

-Get a funding expert to check your application. They can word it well and know what goes though. Better to get me to do it for just of a video call on my membership and improve your chances of getting your grant.

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