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How having a CIC can help you travel or live aboard.

Now this is an incredible positive of owning a CIC. You can design your own work schedule that could incorporate spending or even living big chunks of time aboard. 

Here are some ideas to make that work. 

Run a one year project and use the first chunk of time, say for example the first 6 months, doing project management work all online and on your computer. 

Examples; social media content, website building, email planning with partners, zooms with steering groups, partners, events online. Or you could do research, making materials and resources.

So basically all the work that isn't in person so you can do it from a computer, from anywhere in the world. 

Then you spend the other chunks of time in the UK running workshops, events or whatever your project entails that must be done in person. Make sure you photograph everything and collect evidence for funders. 

So you see it is possible for you to create a dream life where you spend chunks of time abroad. Travelling around or living in one place. 

Isn't that idea mind blowing and liberating! 

I absolutely love travelling. When I was employed as a probation officer I saved all of my holiday up to take a month in one go to travel for long trips backpacking around. I managed to get my managers to agree to a three month sabbatical once for an around the world trip. 

So when I started my CIC I jumped straight in to booking month long trips whenever I wanted or could afford. 

I've lived like this for ten years now with no limits on holiday. Plus I often business expense my trips though my LTD's expenses. By working on my trips doing something I find to justify it I can manage to save money paying for trips directly from my LTD's balance before tax. My accountant is always happy so I know it's legit. 

Other ideas of trips aboard when you have a CIC are; 

do a project that benefits another country's community. For example some kind of education, aid, health, project that you can get funded to do beneficial work in the third or developing world. 

Some kind of arts project that involves you documenting, collaborating with artists internationally or taking your art on tour. ACE loves supporting this type of thing. 

A heritage project that involves research aboard. 

Who needs to retire when you can work on your own terms! Scrap the idea that success means you work like a dog and only get to enjoy life when you retire. No one said you had to be chained to a desk in an office working a 9-5. Being wealthy and successful takes many forms. Personally, I feel richer with spare time than I do with spare money. The great thing about a CIC is you get a bit of both, if you design it that way. 

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