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How to come up with a great project idea.

Having an idea for a project is one thing but planning a project that will get funded fast is another. If you get it wrong you could be rejected and have to keep resubmitting grant funding applications ever and over, which is sole destroying. Here is how I approach project planning.

My tips are;

  1. Find a need for your project? Find a group of people that need something you can realistically deliver. Is it some support, mentoring, workshops, training, resources?

  2. Do a survey, poll or gain some feedback from partner organisation or the people you want to help directly. It will look good to funders that you have done this.

  3. Make a plan. Write down the What you will do? Where will you do it? Who will you work with? and How will you deliver the project?

  4. Write your budget and dont over spend. Pay yourself well as funders will expect you to be paid well. £150 a day for a sessional worker or £280 a day for a professional person.

  5. Get partners to work with. Funders feel more confident CIC's who have good partnerships with local organisations, schools, local authorities, other CIC's, mentors etc.

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