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It’s not perfect but it’s something.

If you want to achieve success with your CIC, then don't wait for perfection. It is much more important you just get started.

So get those applications off even though you haven't written one before and you know it's not perfect. You will get feedback on rejection and can do it again.

Start posting on your social even though you are not a designer or social media pro. Just start getting stuff up.

Take photos and video on your phone. Don't wait to have the money for a professional.

If your are like me you are not comfortable in front of a camera. But I have learnt I need to not fuss over how I look or sound. I've now mastered this and over came my insecurities and now I have a YouTube channel I actually like making. I just started by getting that first video done and putting it up even though I didn't like it. But I just had to get somthing up to get started.

You will notice from my blogs I make a lot of mistakes. My dyslexia has always been a battle and coupled with a pretty bad state school education in my very poor area in Cornwall. My written work will never be perfect. But look I just post anyway! Im not going to be silenced because of bad grammar and spelling.

As an artist I have to just get started to. If you worried about being perfect as an artist you'd never create anything. You got to get started and get into it. Start by making some crap and then progress from there.

Truth is people that try a lot and fail a lot grow the most. It's that whole don't let your fears hold you back thing.

So with your CIC think about what you need to get done. Don't wait to have the perfect workshop planned. Just go to the workshop and ask what they want to do and just evolve as you go.

Your first project won't be perfect but it will get you going!

The first photos and music videos I made for 4elementz CIC were really amiture. But look where I am ten years on.

So here is some Tuesday morning motivation for you to just get something out there today in it's imperfect state.

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