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What good can you do with just a small grant of funding?

You can do a lot of good with a small grant. Even just a £10k pot will give you the financial means to work on a short project and get you some funds to pay for essentials. I have crowd funded a few hundred before and self funded a trip to The Gambia and spend the donated money fixing up a local school and giving out much needed materials to help children with their education. Money can go along way in poorer countries but also can have great impact in the UK.

My advice is keep over heads small and if you just have a small pot dont over commit. We have a tendency to think £10k is a lot of money but it really isn't. I have seem applications forms for half a million that only aimed to help 5 people in a year get into work with some help job hunting. So you should not feel you have to deliver the earth for a £10k grant.

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